Hurricane Irma

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Hurricane Irma has come and gone, leaving a swath of destruction in Florida from the Keys through the center of the state.

I reside in the center of the state near Orlando and am thankful it diminished a great deal before visiting us. Luckily we had minimal damages to our property and ONLY lost power for three days.

You never realize how important air conditioning is, or what it is like to have a hot, home cooked meal, or a hot shower.

I am not complaining because there are still quite a few as I write this that are still without power.

But I will complain about how humans deal with adversity and challenges.  The first night after the storm, without power, I loaded the family in the car to enjoy some a/c and to charge cell phones for contact with the outside world-keeping family in other areas abreast of our situation.

We stumbled upon a Chinese take-out restaurant that had opened their doors to help those who could use a meal.  I am certain they had problems of their own at home but chose to come to work and feed those who could use it. And since they were one of the few restaurants with power you could imagine how busy they were.

So this is where the asshole part comes in. The wait was 1.5 hours from order to completion and sadly there were those who complained it was taking so long. Rather than being thankful they could get a warm meal mind you…..

I soon came to realize the assholes were in minority when everywhere I went there was always someone offering help and assistance. This includes my neighbors who were gracious enough to let me hook up to their generator to power my refrigerator and save my food.

In the end I am in a better place knowing people really can come together and “love” their fellow man. I refuse to let the assholes bring me down.

There is hope for all of us and I just wish it did not take catastrophes to bring out the best in people.



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